Brittany Alfaro

Professional Makeup Artist

My name is Brittany Alfaro and I have been in the Makeup Industry for 12 years. I worked with MAC for 11 out of the 12 years and now I am a freelance Makeup Artist. Makeup just fell into my lap when I went to Cosmetology school in 2005. I entered a makeup contest, and used two eye shadows and won the contest. From that day, I knew that makeup was a true love for me because I was passionate about it. I stopped doing hair in 2007 and started working with MAC. I was trained in all types of makeup applications.

I was able to hone in on my skills and practice everyday at work. This led me more and more in love for makeup.
I started New York Fashion Week in 2010. I was able to be backstage with all of the staff and work on the models, that were modeling the clothes in the show. Some of the shows I have worked on were: Brooks Brothers, Kate Spade, Parul Garung, Thom Browne, and many many more. In 2015, I also was able to assist and do makeup for Tribeca Film Festival. This was a great opportunity for me to meet producers, and people in film.

I started finding a great passion for Bridal Makeup in 2014. I love meeting Brides and their families and working in all the beautiful venues in the Tri-State area. Another one of my specialties is class seminars, or one on one makeup applications. I was trained through MAC for almost 10 years on facilitation and teaching in front of large groups. I offer classes for parties or women’s conventions or if you just want me to help you navigate through your makeup bag.

Makeup is truly a love for me. I especially like it because it makes women feel empowered and good about themselves. I am able to meet people from all over, and help them with their needs and desires. Makeup is an art form, to express your self and feel good when you step out the door. This gives me the opportunity to not only apply the makeup on a client, but to teach them to feel comfortable so they can apply at home. Every one wants to feel good, and I want to help them get there.

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